Passover – Community second night Seder Online 

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Date(s) - 03/28/2021
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


A fabulous 2nd Night Virtual Seder led by Rabbi Arthur Gross-Schaefer .

**Preparing for the Seder**
The table should be set with the following special items.
The Seder plate, which contains, in clockwise order: Shank bone –Zeroa – lamb or roasted chicken leg bone (a roasted beet is a vegetarian alternative) Charoset – a mixture of nuts, fruit, wine, and spices Bitter herbs – Maror – typically red or white horseradish (some people prefer raw horseradish) Vegetable – Karpas – parsley or any other vegetable, such as potatoes Egg – Beitzah – a roasted hard-boiled egg• A covered plate that holds three pieces of matzah.
• A bowl of salt water.
• A wine glass for each person. Each participant will drink four cups of kosher wine or grape juice during the Seder.
• An extra wine glass for Elijah the Prophet.

The Seder meal should be prepared and conducted without bread or other leavened food such as cake. Products made with matzah flour can be substituted.

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Meeting ID: 862 0633 7977
Passcode: 941590


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